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R E S I L I E N C E  Wellbeing Services

Mindfulness for the Modern World

Corporate Wellbeing

Create a culture of sustainable health and engagement in the workplace.

By incorporating resilience education, mindfulness classes, self-care awareness and anti-stress solutions, companies add value to their benefits packages and their business as a whole.

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence that supports the benefits of mindful wellbeing programmes that help to reduce health risks, lower stress levels and leave your employees calm, focused and more resourceful.

Adding Benefit, Retaining Value

Retaining talent is a top priority for every successful organisation.

Companies at the top of their industry understand their role in maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.  

They are providing wellbeing programmes for staff and incorporating them into their benefit packages as a way to attract, motivate, nurture and develop the strengths of their people.

Invest in your staff through wellbeing initiatives and enjoy the benefits of an active and sustainable culture of health in your organisation.

Invest in the future

Return-on-investment is an important consideration when implementing a workplace wellbeing initiative. Organisations are encouraged to take a holistic look at the total value beyond the immediate benefits.

Studies have demonstranted conclusively that wellbeing programmes contribute to reduced absenteeism, greater productivity, reduced workplace claims due to stress and more effective teamwork.

Invest in the future of your business and you will see greater engagement, increased morale and increased employee longevity.

Get Started

By providing employees with the tools to take care of themselves, organisations are increasing the potential for greater wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

We can offer a tailor-made solution to the challenges your organisation faces.

From no-obligation introductory sessions to establish what kind of programme would suit you to:    
- Mindful leadership workshops     
- 4, 6 or 8 week MBSR courses
- Full/part day team building sessions
- Drop-in/lunchtime sessions
- Programmes for effective team-working and resilience/stress management 
- One-to-one coaching, and
- Complete mindfulness-based wellbeing programmes to roll out across your

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