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R E S I L I E N C E  Wellbeing Services

Mindfulness for the Modern World


I'm Nick Smith, I am the founder of Resilience (formerly Quiron) Wellbeing Services and I am a fully qualified, accredited Mindfulness Coach.

I started my own Mindfulness practice 35 years ago whilst studying and teaching martial arts. Since then I have deepened and applied my practice throughout a successful career as a Performance Coach, Sports Therapist and international Business Change consultant; working with some of the highest performing companies in the world.

I passionately believe that by deepening our relationship with our present experience we can help ourselves identify and stay focussed on our goals to lead a more fulfilling and productive life.

As someone who has personally experienced the pressures of the modern corporate world I believe a tailored Mindfulness practice can deliver benefits irrespective of your profession or walk of life.


Resilience Wellbeing Services offers a range of Mindfulness based services to individuals and organisations.

Services Include:

 - Group sessions, one-to-one coaching. Click here for more information

 - Tailored programmes for organisations to increase staff productivity and contribute to effective teamwork.

 - Reducing the effects of stress and increasing resilience.Click here for  more information

There is an established body of evidence based research which shows that following a regular mindfulness practice can:

    • Increase focus, memory, cognitive ability and creativity

    • Decrease anxiety and depression

    • Reduce the physical and mental effects of long term stress

    • Help with goal setting and motivation

Teacher Training

As part of the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation, we offer fully accredited and approved teacher training to individuals who want to become a Mindfulness Coach or just want to explore mindful meditation more deeply. Click here for more information.

These courses are also open to organisations who want to become self-sufficient in delivering their own Mindfulness programmes.

We are one of the few organisations in the UK offering training which is approved by the British Psychological Society.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of our emotional, mental and physical experience in the present moment.

It doesn't need to involve sitting cross legged, chanting or incense, unless that's your thing!

Neurobiologists are demonstrating, through Magnetic Resonance Imaging, that a regular Mindful practice changes the structure and function of the brain in desirable and helpful ways to increase resilience, creativity, concentration, memory and wellbeing.

Our brains are constantly working, constantly doing.  Even in our quiet moments our minds can be like a stationary car at the traffic lights, but with our foot still pressed on the accelerator.

Mindfulness helps to quieten the mind, introduce stillness, focus and awareness.

Awareness brings an opportunity for change and a greater sense of self.

However, Mindfulness is not a one size fits all remedy. It needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the individual and the organisation.

Contact us to find out how we can help build a sustainable and effective Mindfulness practice to help you meet the demands of modern day living.


Certified Qualifications in:

- Mindfulness Teacher Training - UK College of Mindfulness Meditation

- Clinical Hypnotherapist - London College of Clinical Hypnosis

- Stress Management Counselling - London Chamber of Commerce and Industry       Examinations Board

- Sports Therapy - London School of Sports Massage, BTEC

In addition I worked as a volunteer with supporting their Befriending service